Sponsor A Child

For $40 a month or just over $1 a day, you can make a dramatic difference in the life of a child.More importantly you give a child a future where they can input back into their community and nation. For only $50 a month you can also sponsor a Carer who will care for the children's daily needs and ensure that they are in a safe, loving environment.

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Educational Sponsorship

We offer education at our school for a nominal cost to families. No child is denied enrolment on a financial basis. The cost is relatively small by western standards but for families whose salary is only $5-$7 dollars each week the cost of a uniform at $17 added to a monthly fee of $5 is unreachable for them. However you can help us by sponsoring a uniform or school fees. If you would like to assist us in this way then contact us for further information.

Project Sponsorship

This form of sponsorship involves donations to specific projects undertaken by Aid Indonesia. It may include construction of housing for orphans, recreation areas or purchasing of specific items of equipment such as water tanks, computers or sports equipment. For more information regarding projects please complete our Contact box on this page or email us at info@hopevillage.org.au